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VMWare and Magic Leap Announce Strategic Collaboration

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Magic Leap 2 Unveiled on CNBC

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Medical personnel use Magic Leap's augmented reality platform with Brainlab's Mixed Reality Viewer software.

Preparing for life-changing surgery

Surgeons at UC Davis Children’s Hospital used Magic Leap technology to help plan for the separation of rare, craniopagus twin babies—twins that are joined at the head. 3D reconstructions of MRI and CT scans were uploaded and viewed on the Magic Leap 1 headset using Mixed Reality Viewer from Brainlab. Experts could walk around and deconstruct the virtual models to help them review surgical plans.

In the future, AR technology will support different stages of the surgical workflow—including in the O.R. for tracking instruments, or to overlay surgical plans onto the patient at a glance.

“I now plan every aneurysm case with Mixed Reality Viewer from Brainlab”

Prof. Dr. Veit Braun
M.D., Head of Neurosurgery, Diakonie Klinikum

Glasses150+ devices in the field of health globally


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A PBC Linear worker uses Magic Leap's augmented reality platform with Taqtile's Manifest software.

Innovating manufacturing operations with AR

PBC Linear, with the help of Taqtile’s Manifest and the Magic Leap AR platform, is making new workers competent to manufacture products in just three days, down from almost three weeks. PBC Linear is seeing an 80% reduction in training time for new workers, and an annual savings of 20% due to less scrap and fewer mistakes. Ultimately, the manufacturer is saving more than $7,000 in onboarding costs per machinist, decreasing the downtime of machines, and increasing productivity.

“Manifest on the Magic Leap device is essential for PBC Linear’s future and the future of U.S. manufacturing as a whole.”

Tim LeCrone
Director of Manufacturing Engineering


Significant savings, faster time to productivity, and reduced maintenance-- all while bolstering employee recruitment and retention.

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Ready for whatever comes next

Magic Leap partners across public and private sectors to research and deploy advanced AR solutions for use by federal, state, local, and international government agencies. Contact our experts to identify how our spatial computing capability can bring greater intelligence to operations and improve performance.

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A lightweight, wearable computer to enhance productivity.


Enable innovation, improve output, and increase ROI. Enterprise-ready solutions on Magic Leap 2 arm your employees with tools to augment and enhance their skills.

Empower employees

Get expert remote assistance to professionals, frontline workers, and field technicians anytime they need it. Hands-free capture and live streaming keeps workers engaged and focused on task completion.

Transform training

Convert inefficient paper processes to digital documentation that can be shared with workers instantly and updated regularly. Track results, improve performance, and cut down on costly errors.

At world-scale

The workplace of the (near) future is intelligent and connected. Remote collaboration and 3D visualization will combine with real-world understanding, the AR cloud, and increased connectivity to deliver information and experience right where your business needs it to be, at any scale.

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Mixed Reality Viewer
Up to 4 users can interact with photorealistic, 3D images of patient anatomy.
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EON-XR Platform
EON Reality
Learn, train, and perform with immersive lessons and experiences.
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Leverage the capabilities of Magic Leap 2 to solve real-world problems facing industries today. Develop AR solutions that improve communication, reduce errors, and visualize solutions. Unite remote experts with frontline workers and enable professionals to verify or modify designs in the field.

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