Magic Leap 2

Create innovative solutions for complex problems with the most immersive enterprise AR device.


Power that doesn't weigh you down

Whatever your industry, enhanced ergonomic design and engineering make Magic Leap 2 suitable for extended daily use.

Over 1,500 face scans and years of research and engineering went into making Magic Leap 2 comfortable enough for extended daily use across industries.

The perfect fit

Magic Leap 2 monitors the position of the Headset relative to your face to make sure it's always fitted properly. If there's an issue, the Custom Fit app will help you fix it.

Weight distribution

At just 260g, the Magic Leap 2 Headset is as light as a pair of headphones, and reduces torsion and strain by keeping its center mass close to your face.

Offloaded processing

The wired Compute Pack shifts the processor from your head to your hip, reducing weight and venting heat. Without sacrificing a bit of power.

Constant rendering

Four eye-tracking cameras constantly adjust digital content rendering to reduce eye strain.

Prescription Inserts

Wear glasses? The Magic Leap 2 Headset can accommodate multiple users with swappable Prescription Insert (sold separately).

Dynamic Dimming™ technology

Use Magic Leap 2 in more environments. Dynamic Dimming™ technology can eliminate up to 99.7% of ambient light from the Headset display.

Control industrial, medical, and natural lighting with its two dimming features:

Global Dimming™

The Global Dimming™ feature dims the entire display without dimming digital content to make text and images more solid and precise.

Segmented Dimming™

The Segmented Dimming™ feature dims specific portions of the display to enhance legibility and clarity of selected content, and can also be used to focus attention to areas or components of interest.

Dynamic Dimming™ technology

Innovate in any environment

Magic Leap Dynamic Dimming™ technology makes augmented reality content more legible and solid across a variety of lighting conditions.

Computer power

Power solutions at scale

Magic Leap 2 is built to run customized enterprise solutions at scale, with one of the highest compute performance capabilities (CPU/GPU) of any standalone AR device on the market.

Compute power

Magic Leap 2 has the most RAM and storage of any standalone AR device on the market.

Its 7nm AMD quad-core Zen 2 SoC chip supports the most demanding 3D visuals and enterprise applications—no matter how compute-intensive.

Segmented computing

Magic Leap 2 delegates tasks between two processors to boost compute efficiency. Its Headset processor handles low-latency tasks while intensive tasks are offloaded to the Compute Pack.

Industry-leading optics

Our proprietary optics stacks have 32 layers in each lens, and are manufactured domestically at our Florida HQ.

Magic Leap engineering and manufacturing breakthroughs deliver an enhanced field of view, clarity, color fidelity, and legibility of text and images.

Up to 70° field of view

Visualize full-body diagnostics, collaborate from all angles, and work on full-scale CAD models with an expansive 70° FOV.


1440x1760 px resolution offers stunning clarity of images, video, and text at up to 2,000 nits of brightness.

Automatically, individually adaptive

Magic Leap 2 adapts to each user with its system of sensors, eye-tracking cameras, and world cameras.

Cameras and Time of Flight (ToF) sensor

Magic Leap 2 uses its cameras and ToF sensor to generate over 300,000 precise 3D points to map your environment down to the millimeter. By understanding the world around you, your solutions can achieve better interactivity and account for objects, surfaces, and occlusions.

Industry-leading optics

See more. Do more.

Up to 70° field of view lets you see more. Best-in-class image performance lets you see more clearly. Magic Leap 2 lets you see the bigger picture and scrutinize the smallest details.

Multiple inputs

Precision where you need it

Use the right input for the right task. Multiple inputs allow for flexibility, ease of use, and precision.

Multiple inputs

Different tasks require different tools. Whatever your industry, whatever the task, Magic Leap 2 lets you use the input that works best.

Magic Leap 2 Controller

Some tasks require a degree of precision that gesture can't offer. The Magic Leap 2 Controller uses optical tracking, IMU, and infrared to enable six degrees of freedom tracking—giving you precision and accuracy where you need it.

Additional inputs

Our open platform lets you customize inputs for your solutions. Magic Leap 2 supports multiple inputs like hand and eye-tracking, voice command, and Bluetooth devices.

Simultaneous control

Magic Leap 2 gives its wearer additional flexibility by supporting multiple inputs within apps to be used simultaneously.

Industry-leading spatial audio

Industry-leading spatial audio lets you direct wearers' attention, collaborate realistically, hear around corners, and discern individual sounds.

Give your solutions a sense of realism and presence that allows team members to be connected with their tasks and each other.

Automatic Acoustic Mapping

Magic Leap is developing Automatic Acoustic Mapping, which will accurately integrate virtual audio elements into your solutions.

Acoustic Scene Design

Magic Leap Acoustic Scene Design will enable realistic, useful audio in your solutions. With Acoustic Scene Design you'll be able to define the acoustic properties of rooms, regions, and objects, and account for sound obstruction to deepen immersion.

Spatial audio

Get direction from any direction

Industry-leading spatial audio deepens immersion and presence—making AR solutions and collaboration realistic and engaging.

Prescription Insert

Wear prescription lenses?

Available quick swap Prescription Inserts integrate a wearer's prescription lenses directly into the headset itself. No fumbling, no pressure against your eyes. You wouldn't even know it's there.

What are AR, VR, and passthrough VR?

Discover the differences between Magic Leap 2, virtual reality, and passthrough virtual reality.

Magic Leap 2:
Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Passthrough VR (PVR)

What is...

Magic Leap 2 is an augmented reality device that maintains its user's view of their environment while integrating digital content within it. Purpose-built for enterprise use, its open platform and industry-leading technology and features are designed to run transformative enterprise solutions.
Provides users with a world escapist experience by completely removing them from their real surroundings and immersing them in a totally digital world.
Integrates external-facing cameras into headset to mimic augmented reality. By combining a video feed of its user's world with rendered digital content, passthrough maintains only a limited degree of user's awareness and interaction with the physical world.

Immersiveness and visual experience

Highly immersive. Real time view of physical world is maintained through transparent optics. Digital content is integrated into user's view where and when it is needed.
Highly immersive. Physical world is completely occluded. User has no view of their physical surroundings.
Highly immersive. Physical world is digitized via cameras; commonly suffers lag and distortion.

Detrimental effects: Motion sickness ("cybersickness") and/or feeling of disembodiment

Motion sickness
Motion sickness

User adaptability

Users adapt immediately with little training.
Users adapt slowly.
Users adapt slowly. Latency and visual distortion issues are persistent.


Fully-collaborative remote or co-located experience across Magic Leap 2 devices and across platforms
Extremely limited. Digital-only collaborative experiences removed from physical world are unrealistic
Limited. Fully digital as a result of complete digitization and rendering of users' environments.

Real-world interactivity

Severely limited by distortion and lag

Spatial mapping

Yes. Persistent spatial mapping.
No. Only simulated or recorded views.
No. Only simulated or recorded views.

Target industries and use cases

Enterprise. Currently deployed in manufacturing, healthcare, public sector/government, architecture, engineering, & construction (AEC), and retail for variety of use cases
Primarily consumer. Entertainment, edutainment, and limited commercial applications
Primarily consumer. Entertainment, edutainment, and limited commercial applications

Working environment

Indoor and outdoor adjacent
Designed for indoor use only
Primarily designed for indoor use. Limited functionality outdoors.

Ergonomics and mobility

Lightweight headset (260g) suitable for extended daily use. Ergonomically-designed to minimize discomfort, fatigue, and eye strain. Highly mobile.
Restricted mobility. Limited duration.
Limited mobility. Limited duration.

Development and platform support

Unrestricted open platform
Varies: Android, Open XR, WebXR, Arbor XR, Unreal engine, Unity
Varies: Android, Open XR, WebXR, Arbor XR, Unreal engine, Unity

Available devices

Magic Leap 2
Oculus Quest 2 | HTC Vive Cosmos | Oculus Rift S | HTC Vive Pro | Varjo VR-3
Meta Quest Pro | Varjo

Magic Leap 2 is easy to set up, scale, and manage. Customize UX and apps to suit your business needs without compromising privacy or control.

Data privacy and cloud autonomy

No connection to a centralized server, cloud service, or telemetry gathering. You own the data you generate with Magic Leap 2.

Seamless integration and management

Magic Leap 2 is easy to set up, scale, and manage with leading enterprise MDM systems. And our Android™ AOSP-based open platform ensures compatibility with your existing IT infrastructure.

Customizable UX

Magic Leap 2 enables personalized solutions to meet the needs of your enterprise, employees, and tasks. Customizable system UI visual design allows easy integration into your existing enterprise identities.

Product and feature lineup

Magic Leap 2

Developer Pro Edition

Enterprise Edition

Commercial deployment rights

Limited Warranty

1 year
1 year
2 year1

Magic Leap 2 Device
(Headset, Compute Pack, 6DoF Controller)

OS Version


Regular OS updates

Supported by 3rd party Mobile Device Management

6DoF controller

Hand tracking

Eye tracking


Design for extended wear

Largest FoV in its class

Dynamic Dymming technology

Compute Pack

Mixed reality capture and streaming

Support for Custom Start Screen and App Launcher

Support for Locked Task Mode (Kiosk Mode)

Single-user mode

On device Spatial Mapping (up to 250m2 in a single space)

AR Cloud-ready hardware that supports:

Shared Persistence to enable synchronized spatial data across all of your devices

Large Scale Spatial Mapping (up to 10,000m2 in a single space)

Multi-user mode

Local multi-user accounts on device

Directory-managed users (e.g. Active Directory)

Iris ID authentication

Iris-based login

Single-sign on for applications

Enterprise app signing

Magic Leap Remote Rendering

OpenXR-compatible remote rendering

Nvidia Omniverse integration

* Features, functionality, and dates are subject to change at any time without notice. Some features and functionality may not be available in all regions or languages or may be otherwise restricted. Additional terms, server-side components and/or charges may apply.
** For legal, regulatory, and warranty information, including second year warranty options, please visit

Developed for developers

Open platform for innovation and adoption

Magic Leap 2 offers an Android™ AOSP-based open interface. Developers can use their choice of leading software standards and engines with the Magic Leap 2 open platform.

Dedicated to developers

Magic Leap Developer Support is available to resolve technical issues and provides access to monthly releases of software updates. The Developer Portal gives devs quick, easy access to resources like SDKs, step-by-step projects, code samples, and more.

Easier developing, easier deployment

Magic Leap doesn't lock developers into a closed ecosystem. Develop and ship solutions faster and across multiple channels. No app review, no approval for listings.

Magic Leap 2 overview

Dimming Technology

Built-in 120Hz Dynamic Global and Segmented Dimming


Magic Leap OS / Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) based

Field of View (FOV)

70° diagonal

Compute Performance

3x Performance

Installed Memory (RAM)









Wifi 6



Prescription Insert Range

+5 to -10 Diopter

Distance to View Digital Content

Range of operation: 37cm to infinity

Spatial Audio

2 Built-in Stereo Speakers
4 Microphones

Battery* dependent on usage


Magic Leap 2 full technology specifications



Magic Leap OS / Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) based

Field of View (FOV)

44.6 x 53.6 x 70°

AR Display

  • 1440 x 1760 pixel resolution
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 20 to 2000 nits brightness
  • 37cm to infinity range of operation

Compute Processor

  • AMD 7nm Quad—core Zen 2 x86-64 core (8 threads)
  • 14 core computer vision processing engine (CVIP)
  • Max CPU frequency 2.4 GHz
  • Cache sizes: 512kB L2 per core and 4MB total L3 cache.

  • AMD RDNA 2
  • 2 RB+ (Render Backends)
  • Max Gfx frequency capped at 1.1 GHz.



  • Qualcomm® FastConnect™ 6900 System
  • 160MHz channel support
  • Uplink and Downlink MU-MIMO


  • Qualcomm® FastConnect™ 6900 System


  • WPA3
  • AMD Platform Security Processor
  • TMR
  • Security fencing between x86 and CVIP


  • 12.6M pixel autofocus RGB camera
  • 4K at 30fps or 1920x1080 @ 60fps video


Single size


  • 3 Wider FoV World Cameras
  • Depth Camera
  • RGB Camera
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • 4x Eye Tracking Cameras

Inertial Sensors

  • 4x IMU
  • 3-axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope
  • 2x 3-axis Magnetometer
  • 2x Altimeter

Additional Input Modals

Eye Tracking

  • High accuracy 60 HZ eye gaze
  • 2 cameras per eye

Voice Input

  • System functionality “wake”
  • In-Application voice intent
  • Text-To-Speech


  • Multi-language virtual keyboard
  • BT keyboard and mouse
  • USB keyboard and mouse

Gestures & Hand Tracking

  • Highly responsive 60 hz capability
    Hand Input API
  • Home Gestures
  • 26 keypoints



127 x 62 x 61mm




Higher accuracy 6DoF optical tracking


Haptic Feedback


Touch sensitive

All the technical details in one flyer

Download the full technical specification in a handy overview

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